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The main characters:

Olga - a naive romantic artist.

Kroll Sheriff - Sheriff of Hollywood, Florida.

Albina, Violetta, Laura, Lialechka - Olga's friends


Secondary characters:

Alex - the husband of Olga

Billy - Kroll's friend and colleague

Yong - inspector on the case of Olga

Ellie - a doctor, Kroll's favorite girl

Husbands of Olga's friends

Kroll's Family

Ilya -  Violetta's  groom.


The plot in America

Sheriff of the small town Hollywood, Florida, arrives on the scene. A woman (Olga) has fallen or been throw off from the bridge. Investigation begins.  The girl's documents were not found. But were found fragments of a wine bottle. In parallel with this investigation the sheriff constant calls to other crimes, trouble with his own family and a difficult relationship with the girl. During the investigation, he learns that the woman is Russian, she came to America with her husband (Alex). Her husband worked, but it was dismissed unfairly. Left with no money, he rushed out of desperation to the casino and lost. In the end, Alex becomes a criminal and throws his wife in a foreign country without money or documents. Sheriff believes that the woman in despair committed suicide.

In fact, she just fell - it was a fatal coincidence.


The plot in Russia

Olga (the heroine) going with her husband to Hollywood (Florida). She tells her friends (Albina, Violetta, Laura, Lialechka) about the trip. They are rich women with whom Olga has little in common. But Lialechka friends with Olga from childhood, so they have a common company. Upon learning about Hollywood, friends wish to come to Olga to the guests to get acquainted with the movie stars. Her friends know, that in California there is a studio "Hollywood", but do not know that in Florida, too, there is a small town Hollywood. Is obtained confusion.

Women have agreed that they will write letters to each other on the Internet. At first, everything is going well, but later Olga faced serious problems. She wrote a letter to friends and ask them for help. But the girls have now problems also - Laura took away Lialechka's husband and  Lialechka tried to commit suicide. At the same time, dies in America Olga. But friends do not know this and made ​​peace, are going to Hollywood, hoping to meet with movie stars.