About the Writer

Ekaterina Asmus was born in Leningrad (now - St. Petersburg), Russia, on October 11, 1967.

Parents: mother - Nina Lisina - fashion designer, painter; father - Robert Arutunyan - professor of mathematics at the University of St. Peterburg.

Education: artist. (St. Petersburg State University of Service and Economics, class of '94)


Member of Russian Union of Professional Writers, Journalists Union, and Russian Society of Authors.

Member of the boards of "Elegant New York" and "Russian Ameriсa" magazines.

Journalist: interview deciphering, writing essays and articles, creating radio programs «Maria» and «Peterburg».

Since 2001 he has been working in the film industry. She participated in the creation of 20 films.
Since 2012 - the writer, over the past period has written more than 10 scripts.



"Тнe teacher"  - 2015("RFG", "Start-film")- writer.

«Between Two Fires» series - 2015 («Amedia»)- one of writers . 



«Excess of Subconsiousness» (a collection of short prose) - 2010 

«It's all rock » (short novel) - 2011

«Picture Book» (children's)- 2012

«Planes over Hollywood» (thriller) - 2014. Now transtating to English

«My Hand is a Bio-Computer» (popular science) - 2014

«Interweaving of St. Peterburg's Fates» (essay) - Grant of publishing comeetee of St. Petersburg - 2014

"The times" - short stories - 2015


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  • The feature film "The teacher" - more than 20 prizes national film festivals, including the "Golden Boat" and "Nika" - 2015-2016.
  • Order and diploma of Mayakovsky - Moscow, 2013
  • Laureate of «Golden Fleece of Russia» international award for a number of screenplays
  • «Order of Labor Glory of Russia», Moscow, 2012
  • Laureate of «Gold Beetle» award for «Fate» - St. Petersburg, 2011
  • Diploma of «Forts' Strings» festival in «Author» nomination, 2007.



  • Finalist of 36th Moscow International Film Festival-2014 for «How to Find a Millionaire» screenplay (long list).
  • Finalist of «Сomedy pitching» competition of the «Buff» theater for «How to Find a Millionaire» screenplay (short list).
  • Finalist of «Remark» competition-2013 for «Strange Roots» screenplay (long list).