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Dear Ekatarina, A few days ago we heard from a nice Russian woman in the USA about your book, in which you mentioned the Akaija (Екатерина Асмус, Биоэнергетик Карелия - Моя рука - биокомпьютер). No worries... we don't blame you :-). We are happy that you did! But we would like to ask you.... did you ever received an Akaija? You mention that you've seen the image, but maybe you would like to have one in silver. We can send one to you. Because in Russia they are not available anymore. We have experienced a problem with the company (Molfar). But we still are very active and there are many new developments. But.... do you speak/write English? Because я не очень хорошо говорю по-русски. With kind greetings from the Netherlands, Wim Roskam Akaija & Art
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